How To Avoid Being Tired During Adolescence - Know The Different Causes

The puberty stage involves so much pressure for adolescence. Teens have to juggle with so many things including their studies, club activities, part-time jobs and family. Sometimes, these demands lead adolescents to being always tired.

You know your teen is tired when he is always seeking sleep. Many teenagers are too busy during weekdays therefore they tend to compensate for the lost sleep during weekends. They sleep too much that their sleep cycles are being affected. You have to remember that sleep cycle is very important in getting energy. The least thing you want to happen is to have it disrupted. It is better for teenagers to sleep normally every day. If they cannot get enough sleep on weekdays, then it will be better if they still do not over sleep on Saturdays and Sundays.

While others have free time on weekends, there are also those adolescents who have to spend their weekends on doing part-time jobs. Others spend their weekends partying with friends. There is nothing wrong with this. However, teens always have to make sure that they still have enough time to rest. As long as they can rest enough, then doing weekend activities is fine.

Another possible cause of tiredness in adolescents is depression. Many things can be associated with depression. For instance, when people think too negatively about their problems, they tend to think negatively towards life as well. This negative feeling causes people to feel sad and down. As a result, they feel depressed, hopeless and less motivated. This depression not only affects their physical well-being but also their social well-being. Physically, people who are depressed are weak and tired because they constantly deprive themselves of good sleep. Because of thinking too much about their problems, it's difficult for them to relax and fall asleep. Socially speaking, teenagers who are constantly depressed fail to mingle well with their peers. Because they feel down, they feel less motivated and enthusiastic about hanging out with people they know. As a result, they are drawn to being isolated from people within their age bracket. In worst cases, some teenagers become shut-ins. They tend to shut themselves in their comfort zone and they become too afraid to meet people. This leads to physical tiredness because of inactivity and mental tiredness because of mental and social issues.

The last cause of tiredness in adolescents that we are going to discuss is health issue. A teenager is most energetic if his body is in good shape. If the body is experiencing some medical problems, then this can cause the body to perform poorly and become weak. For instance, when a person has anemia, the amount of iron in the body is less. Without the right amount of iron, a person feels tired because the red blood cells are not able to keep nutrients and oxygen well. Iron helps the red blood cells in keeping hemoglobin, the red pigment that stores important substances in cells to be transported to organ systems. Other diseases such as diabetes and sleep apnea can also cause tiredness.

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