Adolescent Acne

Producers of acne medications oftentimes focus on teen acne more closely than any other acne; other types of acne, such as adult acne and baby acne, tend to get less attention than acne pertaining to teens. Contrary to popular knowledge, there is another type of acne as well- adolescent acne. Although most would consider this to be the same as teenagers, the adolescent group includes preteens and those slightly younger as well.

The adolescent years are a time when appearance is everything. Youngsters who suffer from adolescent acne tend to be picked on by their peers and, as a result, may suffer from low self esteem and/or depression.
During these pivotal years, most will experience at least a mild form of adolescent acne- whether it is an occasional pimple or an ever-present gang of whiteheads, acne has affected almost everyone during their adolescent years. Young people often wonder, "Why am I having breakouts?" The answer is oftentimes a simple one. Constantly changing hormones is usually the culprit. Once an adolescent reaches a certain age, the hormones become balanced and the skin condition usually subsides.

There are several easy ways to control, or even get rid of, annoying adolescent acne. One simple way is to keep the skin as clean as possible. This minimizes the amount of oil, which causes acne to form, that collects in the pores.

Next, another way to combat adolescent acne is for the youngsters to adopt a healthy eating pattern. Fruits, vegetables, and a lot of water keep the skin hydrated and also allow the body to rid itself of harmful toxins which could cause breakouts.

Lastly, in conjunction with healthy eating habits, young people can use over the counter products to help minimize adolescent acne. Products with a gentle exfoliants help to unclog pores as well as remove any dead skin still left on the face and other acne prone parts of the body. Adolescents must be careful not to overuse these products though; doing so can aggravate the skin and cause more breakouts.

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